Like a quick chat with Lynne?

Chatting with Lynne can help reduce any concerns you may be currently experiencing as well as, once your baby has arrived, help you feel more comfortable about the wonderful and challenging future ahead as a new mother.

Lynne is an endorsed midwife and nurse of many years.  She is also a IBCLC lactation consultant having received recognition by the International Board of Certified Lactation Consultant Examiners fifteen years ago. 

With this background and her extensive experience as an IBCLC lactation consultant, Lynne is well qualified to assist pregnant mothers prepare for breastfeeding and to help new mothers with any breastfeeding concerns or problems.


If you have some questions about preparing for breastfeeding before birth or worried about your milk supply, call Lynne.


If you are concerned you will be pressured into giving formula to your baby while in hospital, call Lynne.


If you have some questions about your new baby or even your older baby with regards to feeding, sleeping or solids, call Lynne.


If you have some questions about your own health as a donor or a recipient, call Lynne.

While Lynne cannot weigh or see your baby, she can make some suggestions that can reassure or help you.  She can also make recommendations for further professional help if needed.

We appreciate your help as a donor to the Australian Breast Milk Bank and Lynne is happy for a phone chat if you need one. 

As a recipient, we recognise that needing milk from us means you may have some concerns that Lynne is happy to chat about over the phone with you.

Alternatively, click the below ‘email for a call back’ link and Lynne will return your call.