What if… I need donor human milk in an emergency?

Be it pandemic, flood, fire, natural or man-made disaster, no State in Australia has yet any emergency networking provision for the supply of safe donor human milk to all young infants unable to be temporarily breastfed, especially in remote communities.

Now it is coming.

Australian Breast Milk Bank Establishes Australia’s first Emergency Reserve of Human Donor Milk!

Why Australia’s first EMERGENCY RESERVE would love your donor milk!

The Australian Breast Milk Bank, together with its Gold Coast affiliate Mothers Milk Bank Charity, has established the Australian ‘Human Milk Emergency Reserve’ that is greater in scope and community benefit than any initiative from any other human milk bank in the world.

The Australian Breast Milk Bank is contributing its unique combination of patent-applied processes and advanced food processing techniques to transitioning human breast milk banking from underfunded, underdeveloped hospital-based processes into deliverables meeting 21st century parenting trends, environmental and health emergencies, including the potential risks of two or more concurrent or sequential coronavirus-arbovirus outbreaks.

Once Food Safety approval is given to the start production, our 100 litre a day Freeze Dryer will produce 100% pure human milk powder with a room temperature shelf life measured in months/years and delivery to any parent for any infant by Australia Post irrespective of how remote.

Our Freeze-Dried output will not be materially different in its nutritional and bioactivity than thawed milk direct from the freezer of the donor.

Outcomes include reducing health spending on short term infant conditions (e.g. diarrhoea, pneumonia) through to childhood obesity and long-term risks including diabetes and cancers.

Our powder will specifically benefit mothers whose milk is slow to ‘come in’ or in low in supply after birth avoiding the need for formula as well as being brilliantly transportable to emergency situations where again mothers won’t need to resort to formula. 

Being able to access our freeze-dried breast milk product will help decrease postnatal anxiety in a hospital situation and relieve the stress and anxiety about providing breast milk to babies in emergency situations anywhere in Australia. 

We aim to lift breastfeeding rates in Australia and decrease anxiety about milk supply regardless of the situation as one of the potential causes for postnatal depression.

Tell us your story or ask for help.

Lynne Hall, Founder ABMB

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