What if… I just relax about breastfeeding?

Every time I see a woman for an antenatal midwifery or lactation consultation, I am always told how anxious they feel about their ability to provide enough milk for their baby.

The good news is that 98% of new mothers can successfully breast feed with the right advice and support and we’ll show you how.

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Essentially, more women can breastfeed than can’t, and they do so very well! 

Significantly, the challenges new mums often face come from people offering suggestions that are based on old wives tales, lack of researched evidence and, in particular, don’t offer positive ongoing support.  

What new mothers want and need is practical and compassionate support to help them breastfeed painlessly and effectively.  

The KISS principle of keeping breastfeeding techniques simple and sensible generally addresses most concerns. 

Medications considered incompatible with breastfeeding can often be changed, reduced in dosage and even ceased in some cases so a mother might breastfeed even for a short period of time.

Other ‘what if’ concerns frequently asked include:


I can’t stand the pain of breastfeeding


I have had a breast reduction/ breast implant(s)


I have flat/ inverted nipples


My mother couldn’t breastfeed


I have to return to work early


I have a history of anxiety/depression


I take medication that’s incompatible with breastfeeding

Any of these concerns are relevant to a pregnant woman and are not to be underestimated or dismissed. Pragmatic demonstrations include how to breastfeed without pain or how to express colostrum in early labour and post birth.

Giving women the tools to help initiate and sustain their breast milk supply is empowering and can significantly reduce their chances of getting postnatal depression.

But what if you do have issues breastfeeding after the birth? 

My reason for founding Australian Milk Bank (ABMB) is to offer any mother, parent or carer unable to breastfeed, or provide breast milk, the option of ‘Bridging Milk©’. This 100% pure human milk powder is the optimal complementary or exclusive milk feed for their baby. 

ABMB’s ‘Bridging Milk©’ is sourced only from Australian mothers.  Unlike any other available donor human milk, it is precision freeze-dried for safety and, importantly, the retention of its its immunological and biological functions, many of which are damaged by the usual heat pasteurisation. It is then freeze-dried into powder for easy transportability and long-term storage. 

Easily reconstituted, it is the ideal just-in-case’ product to have if you need to provide extra milk volume for your baby while your own breast milk supply builds.  Also, for any parent’s infant or young child who can’t be breastfed or who would otherwise not receive breast milk. 

At ABMB, we are proud of what we are achieving, including working tirelessly to support breastfeeding – the post-birth preference for the majority of Australian parents.  

Are you in this situation?

ABMB has the answer and we can help. Tell us your story or ask us for help

Lynne Hall, Founder ABMB