Why are none of Australia’s Human Milk Banks able to guarantee donor human breast milk to all parents and their infants who are often in critical need of this milk as the best possible start in life?


For too long, our hospital-based milk banks have been looked at as a largely medical-based facility – like a pharmacy in the hospital.  

So investment, research and staffing have been under resourced, while at the same time issues affecting a mother’s breast milk supply continue to rise dramatically (such as diabetes, IVF and breast cancer.)

Presently, access to expressed donor human breast milk is only for critically ill and/or of very low birth weight newborn infants up to 34 weeks gestation, who are admitted to neonatal intensive care units.

And too often, there is an insufficient supply of donor human milk available.

So, the newborns are given cow milk formula which can often have critical, even terminal, consequences on an infant’s immediate health.

At ABMB, we experience first-hand mothers who are keen their expressed milk to help parents with infants desperately in need of it.

ABMB sources donated expressed milk only from mothers within Australia. 

With your support, and that of governments, ABMB is working to ensure every healthy mother can donate her excess milk and every infant and child in need can have access to it in the safest possible pasteurised combination of nutritional and immunological components conveniently available in a powder form. This is ABMB’s ‘Bridging Milk©’.

A Vision to Improve the Health of Every Newborn

“My vision is to build community and milk donor support enabling equitable and reliable access to safe breast milk for every infant and young child in need.”
Lynne Hall | Founder, ABMB

The milk you donate to ABMB will help make a real difference in the lives of the babies and their parents who come to us for help.

‘Bridging Milk© is pure human expressed breast milk, precision freeze-dried to preserve its biologically active material.

Like freeze drying vaccines that enable the safe (emergency) storage, transport and distribution at a moment notice, ABMB’s precision patent-pending freeze-drying process preserves the complexity of human milk for which there simply is no true substitute.

Your donated breast milk is pooled with other mothers’ milk, then cold pasteurised via precision freeze-drying into powder for sending to any parent in need anywhere in Australia.

Freeze-drying your milk preserves its immunological and biological functions, many of which are now being recognised as vital for the infant… and also important for the mother.

It can be then used specifically for mothers with little or no milk supply at birth, single fathers and non-gestational parents to give to their infants in preference to using cow milk formula while critically protecting their babies immediately after birth against the risks of diarrhoea, pneumonia as well as far more worrying sepsis and necrotising enterocolitis.

It means the world to us and the mothers and their babies wanting our help.

So thank you!

Lynne Hall | Founder
RN, MN (Ed) IBCLC, Endorsed Midwife
e: lhall@australianbreastmilkbank.com

Australian Breast Milk Bank Pty (ABMB) is a Community Benefit Company that invests in advanced safe non-thermal pasteurisation to ensure the benefits of donor milk are almost identical to mothers’ milk expressed and frozen in the home.  ABMB’s team of lactation consultants, midwives and scientists is dedicated to ensuring the quality of its freeze-dried human milk that an infant and young child drinks is the best of any milk bank in the world.

What We’re Achieving

ABMB is dedicated to providing expressed human breastmilk to new parents regardless of whether their baby is premature or not.

Of the world’s 550 human milk banks, ABMB and its sponsored Gold Coast based Mothers’ Milk Bank Charity are the only two organisations redefining how milk banks operate in terms of equality of inclusion and access to donor milk.

ABMB’s mission is to achieve positive social change that increases community awareness about the rights of parents of any gender, gestational or otherwise, to provide their new infant with our safe human donor milk.  Parents can be well prepared with our true human ‘Bridging Milk©’ powder. Where breast milk is unavailable, it can be taken into hospitals and used in any ‘just-in-case’ situation where mothers want to avoid the undisclosed risks from non-sterile infant formula. 

Integral to implementing our strategies, ABMB is building the largest human milk freezer capacity in Australia to store frozen breast milk from mothers willing to donate their excess milk to help save the lives of newborns and the wellbeing of parents in need.


Benefits for the Community include:

Providing prolonged value of safe, pasteurised donor human milk with extended shelf-life of one or more years with no cold-chain requirements.
Caring for the increasing numbers of women with Gestational Diabetes Mellitus (GDM) and other health issues affecting mothers and ultimately the health of their infant.
Tailoring treatment of human milk where HTLV1 is prevalent with the aim of significantly reducing transmission during prolonged breastfeeding.

Assistance where natural and man-made emergencies affect the safety of breastmilk.


Provision of single feed packs containing ABMB ‘Bridging Milk’© powder reconstituting to 50mls.


Emergency supplies of ‘Bridging Milk’ for emerging diseases that may be incompatible with breastfeeding.  Examples include mosquito borne Dengue Fever and Chagas, found in Northern Queensland.