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Proactive Breast Milk Planning 

Our team of midwives and lactation consultants are on-line to help you prepare for breastfeeding or providing breast milk to your baby.

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Proactive Milk Planning

Take our Self-Test as good preparation

You’re busy finishing up at work and getting ready for the birth of your baby.

We get it.

But this Self-Test will take just 3 minutes.

It is about being prepared just in case you have early issues with breastfeeding or with your milk supply and could be really important to the immediate and long-term health of yourself and your baby.


As a mother-to-be you should not over worry about your ability to breastfeed or about your supply because more women than not breastfeed effectively with more than enough milk for their babies.

However no mother is completely immune to the risk of low or no breast milk in the first few days of their newborn’s life. 

Even though 9 in 10 new mothers initiate breastfeeding in hospital, issues related to maternal age, fertility, diabetes and having a Caesarean birth could affect a mothers’ breast milk supply in the first 3 to 5 days after birth.

If you cannot exclusively breastfeed or provide enough breast milk volume for your baby, State and Federal Governments, Australian Breastfeeding Association (ABA), World Health Organisation (WHO), UNICEF, Academy of Paediatrics and the US Surgeon General all recommend safe, pasteurized donor human milk (PDHM) as the next best option.

We want to help you not to be a statistic regardless of what your situation is.

Not Enough Milk?
Pure Donor Expressed Milk is the Only Responsible Choice!


Only donor expressed human milk given exclusively as a supplement to your own breast milk or on its own will develop naturally your newborn baby’s immune system to significantly reduce the risk of allergies and critical illnesses such as:

  • bacterial meningitis
  • respiratory tract infections including pneumonia
  • necrotising enterocolitis (NEC)
  • sepsis

  • diarrhea
  • urinary tract infections
  • long-term: increased risk of diabetes, obesity, and asthma.

Don’t Think Formula

You won’t need to think formula as extra or exclusive feeding for your precious premature or term newborn baby because we’ll help you be prepared for breastfeeding with some ABMB’s ‘Bridging Milk©’ – just in case!

Premature babies are especially at risk. Just one cow milk based formula feed can change a baby’s normal gut flora to increase risks of any of the above.  In particular, very premature babies and very low birth weight babies (1 in 20) are at a real risk of succumbing to Necrotizing Enterocolitis (NEC).

NEC is a reaction to cow milk formula that can cause death to portions of the baby’s bowel. Too often it can be fatal. Exclusive breastfeeding or breast milk feeding reduces the risk of NEC by over 70%.

Deny Formula in Hospitals

If you have concerns about your milk supply, we supply a legally enforceable ‘Waiver and Consent’ form instructing the hospital, medical and nursing staff that your baby is to be fed only with Australian Breast Milk Bank (ABMB’s) ‘Bridging Milk©’ and NOT cow milk formula or so called ’human milk fortifiers’ also made from cow milk.

Click here to download the Waiver and Consent Form. Included is a list of the risks of formula to your baby.

Our form comes with a hotline for medical or nursing staff to call if they have any queries.

Benefits of Taking Our Self-Test


You are being proactive by being prepared about the concerns.


This enables our team of midwives and lactation consultants to be ready to help you which reduces any stress and anxiety you may have.


Reduction in stress and anxiety is key to maximising your milk supply.


If this self-test highlights a concern or a risk to breastfeeding or milk supply, call us on 1300 772 656 and seek immediate advice and support from us.


Proactive preparation includes reserving some of ABMB’s safe ‘Bridging Milk©’ to include in your hospital bag just in case you need it.


ABMB’s ‘Bridging Milk©’ will replace the need for formula while your own milk supply builds to match the needs of your newborn baby.


This Self-Test is confidential as is any discussion you may have with a member of our staff.


We have taken care with developing this Self-Test but it is not a substitute for professional health advice. We recommend you seek further health care advice if appropriate.

Note:  If you are an adoptive parent or involved with a surrogate pregnancy or parenting, please call us to discuss your needs:

1300 772 656