Donor Mothers

General hygiene when expressing milk at home

One of the most important factors in safe handling and storage of human milk is routine hand washing. Careful attention to hand hygiene decreases the risk of contamination of pumps, pump parts, storage containers and expressed milk.

Hand Hygiene

  1. Before expressing milk or handling equipment actively lather hands with soap and water for 30 seconds, paying particular attention to the area around and under the finger nails. Preferably use liquid soap from a pump.
  2. Dry hands with disposable paper towel. Use paper towel to turn off tap. Normal hygiene is sufficient for the breasts when expressing milk. Daily washing of breasts with water when showering/bath.
  3. Alcohol rubs can be used to decontaminate hands after hand washing any time prior to and during the expression process as a safeguard. Alcohol based disinfectant can be applied 6 times before hand washing again.

Cleaning and disinfecting breast pump parts

  1. Cold water rinse.
  2. Hot water (from hot tap is enough) and washing up detergent to clean and disinfect.
  3. Hot water rinse to wash off detergent residues.
  4. Shake off excess water.
  5. Air dry until BONE DRY.
  6. Store in clean, BONE DRY container.
  7. Always handle these items with clean dry hands.


If expressing and filling a bottle, please leave a gap (2cm) to allow for milk expansion when frozen. Express as much as you wish and whenever it suits you. Please SMS +61 480 024 159 or phone Toll Free 1300 772 656 when you need room in your freezer or your donor milk collected. Please date the bags or bottles you fill and lie the bags you fill as flat as possible in the freezer. Please note, we cannot accept donor milk in any type of general kitchen storage zip lock bag.

Don’t store in zip-top sandwich bags. These aren’t meant for long-term storage and are not leak resistant when the milk is thawed.

Covid-19 Please place your milk donation inside a clean bag outside your front door and the courier will have a second clean bag prior for milk bags/bottles being placed into the esky.

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