Not every mother’s breast milk supply is the same. Some mothers struggle in the early days after birth.

10% of our processed human milk goes to Mothers’ Milk Bank Charity. Helping parents and babies since 2008.


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Thousands of mothers and parents don’t have enough breast milk for their newborn baby.

This is often the case for mothers of premature babies or those with multiple births born through IVF, those born with gestational diabetes or gestational surrogacy. Lack of breast milk is also a problem for adoptive and gender diverse parents, and babies who’ve lost their mothers, and whose grieving partners are desperate to find a supply of safe donor milk for their baby.

ALL these parents need our help in finding 100% safe donor expressed human milk – if only for a few days, but sometimes for a few months.

YOU can help these parents by safely donating your excess expressed breast milk. This free and easy service can be organised in as little time as you take to make a cuppa.

Who you’ll be helping

ABMB sources donated milk only from mothers living within Australia.

Your donation means ABMB’s ‘Bridging Milk©’ can help babies born over 34 weeks gestation who might otherwise not receive it.

New parents do not have access to breast milk at birth for a whole host of reasons. Below are some of the most common reasons.

These are the people in your community you will be supporting.

Every year, Australia’s four hospital-aligned milk banks strictly prioritise the collection and supply of donor expressed breast milk for the 4,000 critically ill or at risk infants born prematurely. These babies are often of very low birth weight and generally under 34 weeks gestation. Your donation of expressed human milk for ABMB and its affiliate, Mothers’ Milk Bank Charity, will help the babies born after 34 weeks gestation who currently miss out.

Why Donate?

Lack of breast milk supply affects around 1 in 3 mothers1but usually only for a few days. There may be a problem with milk coming in, or any number of pre or post birth problems, such as gestational diabetes or C-sections to name just a few.

The only alternative for newborn babies is formula, which comes with risks. We believe all new parents have the right to provide breast milk as the optimal food for their baby, and we want to empower and help parents with that choice. 

ABMB sources donated milk only from mothers living within Australia.

If you’ve got excess expressed breast milk, we encourage you to share the abundance and help give another baby what you gave yours: the best start in life.

Giving will make you feel good and free up your freezer, for you know, food!

1 Source: Breastfeeding in Australia, 2001 – Australian Bureau of Statistics.

Donating in 2 Easy Steps

Call Us on
1300 772 656

Give our friendly team a call on our toll free number, and they’ll walk you through the simple process and answer any questions you may have. You’ll be sent a quick health screening questionnaire to complete.

We’ll Ship a neat freezer box to your Doorstep for free

No need to move from where you are. We’ll express-ship to you a returnable light-weight temperature-controlled freezer box that will keep your milk frozen while it’s in transit.

All milk donations go to the Mothers Milk Bank Charity

What happens to my milk?

Your expressed milk will be tested by experts to ensure its safety. This includes screening for purity, drugs, allergens and viruses.

It’s then pooled with other breast milk to create a nutrient rich and diverse, pure, freeze-dried powder that can be express shipped to thousands of struggling parents and mothers.

Ready to change a newborn’s life?

Case Studies

What if... I just relax about breastfeeding?

Every time I see a woman for an antenatal midwifery or lactation consultation, I am always told how anxious they feel about their ability to provide enough milk for their baby.

The good news is that 98% of new mothers can successfully breast feed with the right advice and support and we’ll show you how.

What if... I need donor human milk in an emergency?

Be it pandemic, flood, fire, natural or man-made disaster, no State in Australia has yet any emergency networking provision for the supply of safe donor human milk to all young infants unable to be temporarily breastfed, especially in remote communities.

Now it is coming.

What if... I am a foster parent needing donor human milk?

Foster and ‘out-of-home’ care infants and children are also entitled to the very best nutritional start in life that only human milk brings. We believe that as a foster parent or carer, you have the right to provide safe donor human milk to the infant or child in your care where their mother’s milk is unavailable.

What if... I have Gestational Diabetes Mellitus (GDM)?

ABMB’s ‘Bridging Milk©’ is freeze-dried pure human milk powder donated solely from mothers living in Australia. It is the new convenient and more reliable source of donor milk for pregnant women with Gestational Diabetes Mellitus (GDM) or any diabetic condition who are concerned about their ability to provide enough breast milk for their baby after birth.

What if... I am feeling anxious?

A study of 10,000 mothers, one of the largest studies of its kind; as well as being one of the few studies considering a mother’s previous mental health, shows breastfeeding significantly lowers risk of post-natal depression.

While for many mothers breastfeeding comes pretty easily, for others it creates stress and anxiety that affects milk supply and happy feeding. By being proactive, including taking our simple Breast Milk Planning Questionnaire, you can help prepare, knowing that if needed, ABMB’s trained on line team of lactation consultants is here to help you.

What if... I live in a remote community?

Aborginal and Torres Strait Islander communities are affected by gestational Diabetes Mellitus (GDM), a form of diabetes and Human T-cell Leukemia Virus type 1 (HTLV-1) infection at well above the average across the nation. It is a stand-out Public health issue that the Australian Breast Milk Bank is determined to reduce through our Freeze-Dried Donor Human Milk Powder and Education.

If you have been refused donor human milk, or refused as a donor, please email us at

After nearly 50 years of no-change milk banking, it is time for all babies and all parents to have an equal access to risk-free, pure human milk.

Australian Breast Milk Bank Pty (ABMB) is a Community Benefit Company that invests in advanced safe non-thermal pasteurisation to ensure the benefits of donor milk are almost identical to mothers’ milk expressed and frozen in the home.  ABMB’s team of lactation consultants, midwives and scientists is dedicated to ensuring the quality of its freeze-dried human milk that an infant and young child drinks is the best of any milk bank in the world.