Good Human Milk Should Never Go To Waste

There is no shortage of Human Milk to feed those infants and children who desperately need it. Until now, just a shortage of ways making it easy to donate. ABMB is changing that using 2019 evidence-based approaches with an emphasis on testing the milk the infants drink, not the blood of the mother.

ABMB offers the easiest way to donate your milk, the world’s most beneficial food, to help mothers and infants in need.

It starts with two freebies!

  • Free pick up from your home.
  • Needle free! Doctor free! No blood testing. No doctor reports.
    We extensively screen the actual human milk our infants and children drink rather than the blood of the donor.

Donor Quick Quiz. (Nearly everyone qualifies to be a donor!)

We are going to ask for the details of where to pick-up your donor milk from, but, before we do that, we need to ask you to take a simple quiz regarding your lifestyle, diseases and risk factors that might affect your milk. That way we can provide others with milk that is as risk-free as possible.

Key points 
This is just a simple 3-minute quiz:

  • The answers can never be traced back to you. It is between you and you!
  • No personal data is recorded.
  • In the end, if you pass (and nearly everyone does because of Australia’s wonderful healthcare and positive lifestyle), we provide you with the link to give us the information so we can pick-up your milk.

First things first, though…