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Australian Breast Milk Bank

ABN: 61104938563

The world’s first commercially available extended life breast milk combining microbial safety with immunological protection similar to unprocessed milk

Process Information: In 2016, the Australian Breast Milk Bank will offer the world’s first commercially available breast milk processed using non-thermal pasteurization. This advanced process inactivates microorganisms while preserving the matrix of nutritional and bioactive qualities of natural breast milk that cannot be replicated by any other form of nutrition. In contrast, the accepted practice of Holder Pasteurization of breast milk at 62.5°C for 30 min, substantially deactivates the bioactivity of human milk that safeguards your infant’s growth and development.

For information, please email Lynne-McKensey Hall RN, RM, MN(Ed), IBCLC using the contact form below.

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